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Made my first 2 batches of CP...also looking for.....


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Well I made my first small batch of CP this past friday and I think it turned out ok.


I made my second batch today and I hope it turns out. I think it will but since this is only my second try I'm a little leary. Just newbie jitters I guess. There are pics of that in the link too. I will post more pics after I cut it.

Since I am new to this can anyone direct me to images of problem soap. For example what does it mean when you say it seized up on me and what does it look like. I just want this for reference.

I have seen lots of photos of some beautiful soaps but now that I'm doing this myself I want to see soap that I don't want if that makes sense.



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It looks good! As far as the pictures of when something goes wrong, I can't help you with those. Acceleration means that when you add the fragrance oil, it traces faster than normal. This can sometimes happen when using a water discount (which is probably something you haven't even thought of yet, LOL).

Ricing is just that. When you add your FO, it looks like rice. This can usually be fixed by stick blending well. I have only ever had one batch rice on me so bad it couldn't be saved.

You will learn as you go. This board is a great place for answers as well.


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Thanks for the compliments they are very encouraging. I started out with M&P back in Sept 06. I like it but I think I like the CP even better. Almost to the point that I may just keep doing the CP. I appreciate all of the info I can get.

You're right I'm not even thinking about water discount since I have never heard of it before.

Currently I have tried 1 recipe and I used it for both batches. The only difference is the first batch was much smaller.


I plan on trying out some different recipes and in the future creating something of my own. I love experimenting! So far I have learned to make M&P, now CP, Lotion, Body Spray, Room Spray, Body Butter, Bath Butter and Sugar Scrub and I am not using any bases except for the bath butter. I really am enjoying learning all of these new things!

Thanks Again,


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Look good to me.

Seized means it basically suddenly went from liquid to solid - AKA "soap on a stick" in which case you can either try to CRAM it into a mold, HP it (my choice), or toss it (which is frowned upon for some reason LOL!). But it doesn't look like yours seized.

You might have experienced some acceleration in which case the FO causes it to thicken up faster than you might expect, but since you are new at this I'm not sure you'd know the difference LOL!

Riceing - looks like rice pudding. Not nice at all. If this happens sometimes you can SB it smooth again. Sometimes it gets too thick for this though. :(

Sorry I don't have any pics of these things, but you'll know them if they happen!!

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