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what went wrong?

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well here goes

i made 4 votives today if you can call them that

i used

8oz wax

15ml FO

3/4 of a redigo glow dye chip

poured them into a polycarbonate votive mold holder waited first i noticed it cracking along the top as it cooled then when removed from holder it has a white look all around it:( yet its not there on the top

please help as banging head here and its sore

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does the white look like it's been dusted in talcum powder? That's ecosoya for you.

Also - try doing two pours. Pour 3/4 of the way up the candle first, let a skin form and poke a relief hole. When the candle is almost set up (not stone cold but a definate firm skin on the top and the wax has receeded away from your relief hole) do the second pour hotter than the first so that it melts a fine layer on the first pour and the two layers blend together. This stopped all my cracking issues.

If this doesn't work. Try adding half a teaspoon of castor oil, or a teaspoon of beeswax while your wax is melting - to soften the wax slightly.

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yea, the talc look is mostly on dyed pillars. if you hate it, put a stocking or cut of leg from a pair of tights over your hand and buff it off. not too hard tho cos it'll scratch. Try reducing the amount of dye you use - you won't get the talc on white ones!

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