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If you are looking for a great honey fragrance oil-- honey and nothing but rich sweet sticky honey try Old Mill's Bacci de Miele.

I make honey soaps using local honey and want only a honey fragrance added. It smells up the house with warm rich honey aroma-- heavenly!

I would also like to try a great wild, floral, clover, or fruit added to the mix honey FO. So I am hoping to get some good suggestions for other honey types. I'd like one that works well in both soy and parrafin candles and soap too natch!

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Candlbuddy-- I use cb 135 soy and j233 parrafin wax. It works in both. But I prefer to use my patch honey from Flickers in soy. I've tried the patch honey in soaps but wasn't wowed by it.

Mystical Angel-- I've heard of Peak's wild mountain honey. I may give this a try. I don't order from them much cause I try to order from more local suppliers in PA, No. Carolina, etc.-- ones closer to Virg.

Wish Candle Science would get a killer honey FO!! They are close!

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