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FOH must haves?


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All of them!!! lol

I love kimmy's oils.

Summery, let's see...

Crystal Sunshine

Lime and cilantro

blue raspberries icee

island temptation

gosh i can go on and on and on!!!

they're all great and kimmy has great customer services and all

she's a sweetie :)

the most unique is apple cobbler...


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My faves were

Bamboo Sugar Cane....a clean scent....I used in lotion,perfume and candle.

Indonesian Teak....a mellow scent....I used in candle.

Moonlight Path...better than White Candle Barn's ....stronger throw

Sensual Secrets...also mellow...I used in candle.

Every oil I purchased performed excellent in wax...They are strong,strong,strong! I am burning the Yuzu right now...one little tart is drifting thru my whole downstairs. At first, I wasnt crazy for this scent, but now I like it...go figure

For the summer, you might like the Red Currant Thyme...It smells just like Cold Iced Tea with Lemon....which is a summer type beverage. Also, the Lemon Sugar is like lemonade....also summery.

I purchased 8 oils from her....alll were super strong throwers...the only one I didnt like was Asian Spice...just not my style...but still strong, nonetheless.


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Thanks, Eve. I actually have the Bamboo Sugar Cane. I had forgotten about that and didn't remember ever ordering, but there it is on the shelf. It's not my type of scent so I've never used it! Guess I'd better at least try it.

At one time, I had red currant & thyme from Lonestar. If it's anything like that one, I definitely want it!

I just found the link to Fragrances by Design on the FOH site. I am in


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They are all good! I love the Indo Teak, Apple Cobbler, Bamboo Sugar Cane, Cinn Apple Berry, Downpour type, Waterfall Cascade (super strong), Lemon Sugar, Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Alright I better stop here. Just order 1 of everything.

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You really can't go wrong with FOH! I love the oils from here..nice and strong! Some awesome scents for summer are,

Hawaiian Hibiscus

Yuzu (smells and alot like the vanilla grapefruit (wyw) from BCN..only much better price)

Island Temptations (dupe of Tropical Passionfruit from bbw...yummy)

The martini scents, the coffee scent, the woody scents...awwww heck, pretty much everything smells great! LOL:D ;)

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I'll back T on the Autumn Harvest and Family Gatherings. Good schtuff Maynard!! Sweet and Sexy is pretty good (doesn't really apply to a season IMO). Gingerbread village.

I keep hearing the Lavender Martini is a to die for. Get it and let me know lol!

yeah, Sweet N Sexy is not too much of a fall/winter scent but I made soap in this and I sold a few at my show.. People loved this scent when I carried it from another supplier with another name.. This one is da bomb.. My customers love this one!

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I guess I could add my must haves. LOL

Raisin Bread Buttercream- freaking awesome in palm and paraffin!

Mad. Vanilla Orchid- must have- my customers love it! Strong in palm and paraffin.

Apple Martini- Rocks in Palm and Paraffin! I love this one!

Cinna- Buns- Awesome too- super strong in Palm and Paraffin

Eggnog- Omg--- I bought 32 oz of this and will be getting more.. I want to drink this stuff. LOL It's great in palm and paraffin

Gingerbread Village- It's nice in paraffin.. A little on the light side for me, but my customers love it

Hazelnut Coffee is very nice as well in paraffin and palm.

Indo Teak aka Whisper of Love- very nice.. Customers seem to like this one as well. Great in Palm and Paraffin

Lime Crystal Kisses- just been playing with this one and it's really nice.

Phoenix Axe Type- Soaps very well.. Love it .. Great in Palm and Paraffin as well.

Spiced Cranberry Punch- Another hot seller for me. Great in palm and paraffin. Cp's very nicely too.

Sweet Pea- cp's very nice and does great in paraffin.

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