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Ecosoya CB Advanced - need fo help

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Newbie here -- I am trying my best to make nice candles and found that that CBadvanced is beautiful wax and best of all I can pick it up locally. That being the case, I want to stick with it but find I am spending a small fortune on fragrances that don't seem to work great. I have found a couple from Mill Creek and Peaks that are okay. Any of you use this wax and have found some reliable fo's for it? Any suggestions appreciated.

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I use this wax also. Love it. Had to work on it to get the right pour temp for me though.

Fragrances that I have found to work good with it are from www.flickersfragrances.com

Apple Jack & Peel

Autumn Spice

Baby Lotion

Cucumber Melon

Chocolate Delight

Caramel Clouds

Carrot Cake

Cinnamon Stix

Cinnamon Vanilla

Cucumber Melon

French Lavender

Mint Chocolate

Tea & Sugar

Tuscan Lace (I've only made lotion from this, wonderful!)

Vanilla Hazelnut

Vanilla Supreme

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I've only done one candle in a pint square mason. I used LX 26 in it. I use LX wick in everything I can. I like them.

Go to www.candlescience.com

They have a wick guide. I've found that if I start with their suggestions, I usually need to go up a size or two. I hope that made sense.

I really love getting stuff from let it shine. My order is here the next day. I can't get from anywhere else that fast. That's going across 2 states, (WA & ID).

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