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Parasoy question

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Ok, I am absolutely stuck. Started off w/ ezsoy, liquid dyes, CD wicks and had great hot throw but hated the frosting so I have been testing J223 with ezsoy at different % (50/50, 25/75) with CD, LX wicks. The 14 oz vase jar finally got a good mp with a CD 7 but now is smoking with soot on the jar. Soooo, all of you who have tested soy alone and mixed w/ J223 what do ya think? If I go back to soy (my nearest supplier has 415) I may have to go dyeless OR keep trying the mix. The only reason I have been blending was b/o frosting and ugly appearance w/ soy. Has anyone had good results w/ soy adding just a little J223 and maybe some BW, UA and/or uv inhibitor? Sorry this is so long but I'm at a standstill. Oh and one more thing, my supplier discouraged me from using just soy-said since it was a food product it could "go bad after awhile". Any advice would be appreciated! My son is having several operations starting in late May - August so I am trying to get as much done as possible before then. Thanks.

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Ahhhhh - I'll try my best. Have you tried ECO wicks? I've not had a smoking problem with them unless I use too much FO -- by the way how much FO are you using? And I've never heard of anyone saying that 100% soy will go bad -- sounds like someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. The soy has been stabilized -- it's not like vegetable oil that can go bad.

Have you tried making them with either no color and no FO? That may help you figure out why you've got soot.

Hope that helps - good luck!

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Thanks for the reply Spacegirl. I used 1 oz fo with the 75%soy/25%para and tried LX and Eco, either the MP was too big or wimpy flame. With the 50/50, I put in 1.25 FO (supplier recommendation) and tried LX and CD. Do you blend your waxes? I was thinking about trying more soy and less paraffin. The main jars I am trying to wick are: 14 oz vase jar, 8oz mason and 11oz tumbler. I didn't think that sounded right about the soy "going bad".

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