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how do votives burn?

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I finally adjusted my wax and made a soy votive with a bit of container wax and the V1 and used an ultra core 1.8. I wish I had the next smaller wick, but any suggestions as to the Premier sizes or RRDs for these? The candle is great looking and without cracks. This wick is burning really well, but is nearing the edge after 1 1/2 hrs. and will spill over into the votive cup. Do they usually burn down and leave a bit of a shell sort of like a pillar? :embarasse I haven't bought votives for forever so can't really remember. My wick isn't exactally centered either. Any votive info would be appreciated. Beth

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All votives are intended to liquefy, which is why you have to tell your customers to place votives in a snug container/holder. It amazed me the 1st time someone came back & told me my votive only burned a couple hrs. After a few questions I found out she had placed it on a plate, so once it spread out into a pool it was gone. I do have burning instructions on my label, which she didn't read. It never occurred to me anyone would think to burn a votive like a pillar, but an astounding amount of people do. After your votive 'spills over' the burning will level out. I get a clean burn from mine - if left to burn it will leave no wax in the holder. I use soy container wax w/ additives for my votives & it works great. Don't use those wicks, so no help there.


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I use V1 with CD 12 wicks. If burned in a tight container, it burns clean every time!

I'm experimenting with C3 & beeswax combo right now; 60% C3 and 40% beeswax pastilles. Poured right when wax melted, no color, cd 12 wick, strawberry rhubarb scent. Burning one right now to see how it does- if it does well, I'll probably use this combo, then no more need to use 2 different types of soy! :D

The issue I've had with V1 is that the wax cracks, especially during cold spells... never affected burning, but doesn't look pretty. The beeswax/C3 combo came out suuuper smooth!

I'll let you guys know if this works better.

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Hey Nancy

I get my V1 from The Natural Artisan in Vermont. It's about $18 for shipping and about $49 for 50 lbs.

I get my C3 from Connecticut (The Jar Store). I wish they carried V1, but they don't because they said that they don't sell molds, therefore don't sell the wax to make pillars/votives. Too bad.

I actually like the C3 mixed with beeswax- it burned great for me today.

I don't know if I can afford to keep it up once the wax is gone, though- beeswax is expensive.

Hunter Mountain, eh? Cool!!! You're only about an hour away from me. :yay:

Maybe we could help each other out.

Have you tried selling locally?

Email me- violet@violetsexoticcandles.com

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Hi Nancy,

Shipping definitely is a huge factor on whether I stay in business.

I just ordered a LARGE amount of C3 (200 lbs). I'm in the big leagues now! Hehe...:grin2:

I live in Kinderhook, which is about halfway between Hudson and Albany.

How long have you been in the soy candle biz (or experimenting)? I've been at it since August. Still have some frustrations w/certain things. Soy is touchy... lol.


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I just found your website--very nice-- looks great!

have you sold alot?

Yes I have! Ebay customers don't like to buy votives or tarts at the prices I need to cover costs but I've worked up a customer base of about 50 so far.

You're opening a shop! COOL! I wish I could!

What will you offer?

Okay going to check my email now...


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