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Just made a MillCreek order... Opinions on these?


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I use three of these and they all smell awesome.

Birthday Cake, Butterscotch Brittle and Juicy Watermelon each smells just like what they are. I get good throws from all of them in my soy wax and they are best sellers. You won't be disappointed :yay:

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Birthday Cake FOR THE WIN! This stuff is incredible! I just poured them yesterday, and got impatient.. burning a votive of the birthday cake now... and love it... can't wait till it has time to cure more.. but it's got a pretty decent throw after only 24 hours.

Butterscotch is pretty tasty smelling.... looking forward to burning that. Same goes for the Cotton Candy... recently got a sample of NG's Cotton Candy, and was thoroughly unimpressed with the lack of hot throw. Hoping that this fares much better.

Cherry Lemonade.. I'm undecided... doesn't smell anything like what I was expecting. Gonna have to wait and see on that one. Going to let it cure properly before I even attempt it.

Juicy Watermelon is really nice... letting that one cure properly as well, but loving the cold throw.

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