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New cosmetic label


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I originally had clear gloss labels on my products (sprayed with Krylon), but they weren't waterproof. They just had "Domaly" on them, (pic attached). So I decided to go with white circle vinyl waterproof and put them on the tops. (lining up circle labels on the printer is a big pain though, still working on that) I have included pics (Not edited pics, just took a real quick pic) of the new labels and would like your opinions as to how they look. Keep in mind though I am working on centering them still, the printer keeps cutting off the letters.




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Did you check out the free label Templates at www.onlinelabels.com they have templates for nearly every kind of label - circel and oval!

Nice labels BTW!


Thanks for this information. Do alot of you who make your own labels use onlinelabels.com? I haven't ventured into making my own labels yet. My printer isn't so good but I think I need to make my own at some point. It will be cheaper and I could make changes etc as I see fit.

The product and packaging look great... and so do the labels!!!

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