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Anyone order from Harvest Scents?

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I have been buying my primitive items from Harvest Scents but I have had alot of complaints about the warmers and how they arent melting a tart or throwing a good scent like the metal tin burners from lavine that I sell. So I tested about 7 warmers from harvest this week and they will not melt at all. I use strait 4794 tart wax and it throws a great scent so what am I doing wrong? Should I be changing my wax? ( not something I want to do) I called Harvest and she said that shes never heard of this and that it takes almost 4 hours for a tart to start throwing off scent because if there to hot it is dangerous. I just wish that they would post this info on there site....Has anyone else had a problem with there warmers? TIA

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Ok..I have never heard of it taking 4 hours for a tart to start smelling!! More like 4 mins!! I think she was BS-ing you!!!!

Sorry... Do U Make container candles? if so

For an experimment take your container fill And Make a tart and burn..See how it melts.. That is nuts...And the lady is wrong!

I hope others will chime in here!

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My husband just took one apart and the ceramic heat plate said 12 watt. They arent heated from a bulb. Its a square ceramic plate. She said that all of there tart warmers were made with the same watt. She said she would understand if there was only one of them not working but that it was crazy that I was saying they were all bad. They only have a 7 day return policy so I am screwed! LOL

I will try to melt some container wax and see how that works but I dont want to change a good thing, my tarts are really strong with the 4794 wax, I just told her I wouldnt order from them anymore since I was having so many complaints. Id really like to hear from some that has bought these!

If anyone oders from them you will know what I am talking about when I name the ones I have bought-Primitve star,stacked bowls,primitve candle,and vine and berry!

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