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How much dye to add when using flakes?

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I ordered some of the colored flakes from Ky Candle Wax Supply. I made my first batch of tarts and just sort of threw some in there since there were no directions.

The color came out great, but my scent isn't lasting more than about 2 hours. :sad2: I used their wax specifically designed for tarts (Parasoy, I think), and followed their recommended suggestion for melting and pouring temps.

Could I have possible used too much dye? I think I remember reading about adding too much color can prevent scent throw. For those of you who use this type of dye, is there a specific amount I should be using?

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what is your FO %?? If the color turned out fantastic then you should be concerned about your FO %.

In the future to get the right color, put a couple of drops of wax onto a white sheet of paper to test your color. You will get an idea of the strength of the color and tone that way. HTH

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