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Pillars In My Pot lol


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I have been trying for hours to get these uploaded and resized to no avail so I'm just going to add the links. They are scented freesia, peppermint pattie and baby powder. The smaller peppermint when I unmolded it was solid but a little bit later it had the mottling which I was going for. I didn't however, the the rustic(bummer) I was going for also.

Thanks for looking



Peppermint Pattie


Baby Powder


ETA: I guess you can guess where these were taken lmao

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Yayyy i guessed, i guessed! Karzey candles :D LOL

They are very cool, I like those. My favourite is the last one, is that shape hard to get out of the mould?

Seeing as your pics are already loaded up to photobucket, don't you just have to click on the IMG link under the picture (the 3rd one down). With me I click on the and it says copied automatically, then I just paste on here. And to resize on photobucket, if your pics are too big, you just click EDIT above the pic you want to resize, then select the little RESIZE button above the pic and it gives you the option of 'thumbnail', 'web - email', or 'message board' size. Click that and you're done. I think. She says :laugh2:. Resize before you post obviously.

Well done with the candles! :highfive:


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