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table covering needed


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I'm doing a craft show for mother's day and was wondering where do you find affordable table skirting-for an 8 foot table- or would you suggest making your own? and if you did your own, how did you do it? I can sew and have a mother in law that sews much better than i do, so we could probably figure something out... I did an internet search and didn't come up with very many options.

would it be better to have 1 piece? or to add the table skirt to your cover? I was thinking it would be easier to change colors if you had a separate table skirt-but would that look okay? I guess if you had a 1 piece one, you could always put another smaller table cloth on top for a layered look...

and what color would you suggest that would work year round? I really don't have the $$ right now to invest too much into this, but i do want something that would be really versatile-leaning towards maybe a cream color? I love nature colors-the name of my business is Dakota Candleworks and my website follows a nature theme too... would kinda like to convey that type of feeling at my booth..

thanks for any help you can give me, and if you have any pictures, i would appreciate those too.



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hi heather-

first-good luck with your show! i used to make jewelry for craft shows. now i'm getting ready to do shows with my candles. i too wasn't thrilled about spending too much $$ on a table covering. What i did was go to a fabric store (i used joann's fabrics) and asked them about the 'no-sew' fabric. I got this stuff and its WONDERFUL!!! it does not fray so all you have to do is get it cut to the measurements of your table!!! plus it was very inexpensive..can't remember the exact cost, but i know me...and i'm very thrifty so i know i wouldn't have spent a lot. as an added bonus- its a no-wrinkle material as well....this poor covering has been smushed, bunched and shoved into closets and it still lays out just fine. i like your idea of using a cream color. i think that is what i'm going to buy for my upcoming show. it may get dirtier faster, but thats what they make washing machines for :D

as for the skirting, i've always just gone with a sleek look- not a puffy skirting- and got my fabric large enough to drape simply to the ground.

hope this helps and good luck!

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I would make the skirt separate from the table top covering. Just offers you more versatility for future shows. I bought a knit fabric on sale for $1/yd. at Joann's for my skirt. I wrap it around the table taping it in place the cover with my table cloths. If you buy a 60" wide piece you can cut it in half lengthwise and just hem it. I use a black skirt and use the table clothes for my seasonal colors.

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