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my Peak scents arrived


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OMG and I'm at work... NOOOO I want to be home and test them NOW!!!

I smelled them OOB and they are amazing, I just have a doubt about frosted carrot cake.. it seems a bit spiced, is is only my impression?

The list is this:

Rose Bouquet

French Vanilla & Amber

Strawberries & Cream

Cucumber Melon

Wild Mountain Honey


Frosted Carrot Cake


Wild Cherry

Country Berry Hotcakes

Now I have 50 scents to offer.. I think I'll drop categories on my site, it's too difficult with so many scents!

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The Frosted Carrot Cake smells much better in wax than OOB. In fact, it is my husband's favorite. Not my best seller, but not the worst either. It is popular with folks who like bakery scents. I can't compare it to any other as it is the only Carrot Cake I have tried. :smiley2:

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I love the strawberries and cream, and I know you didn't order it but next time you gotta try the ocean. These two are awesome throwers

:DMy 50 scents are all from Peak, and yes I do have Ocean.

I don't like it at all, but it sells well.

It's a common scent here in italy (two people asked me directly if I had that kind of scent), while people are not used to bakery scents in candles for instance.

But just because they never smelled them! here we can only find patchouli, vanilla, strawberries, lavender, something chocolate, but not great as these I'm using.

As I said in the past, my mission is to convert all these people!!!:laugh2:

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