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Plotting another Just Scent Sampler


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I'm plotting another Just Scent sampler. Have any of you tried any of these lately? What do you think? I think some of them are all fairly new. I'll even take OOB reviews:D ! Thanks!!!

Berry Lemonade?(is WSP's Raspberry Lemonade better?)

Birthday Cake?( I love ICS & AH, but am always looking for others)

Coconut Milk & Lavender?

Creamy Coconut? (I don't like JS CocCreamPie nor JS Coconut Bubble)

Garnier Fructis type?

Peaches and Cream?

Southern Style Vanilla?(my fav is Becky's Ultimate Vanilla, how's this?)

Wedding Cake?(1st place I've ever seen Wedding Cake skin safe!!!!)

Razzle Dazzle Raspberry Chocolate Truffle? (as compared to NG's Chocolate Raspberry Cream Roll or BC's Chocolate Raspberry Roll?)

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Only one on your list I really use is the wedding cake.....Becky told me this is the same one Missy's carried...it's awesome. For years this was the only scent my son would allow to be burnt in his room.

Have you ever tried her Totally Scrumptious...the name doesn't lie.

I use ICS's birthday cake also and can't imagine a better one out there.

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