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to all candle makers


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Just a little thought for you all... About 6 or 7 years ago my mom bought my sister and I candles that looked liked a group of yellow lemons. I have moved 6 times in 5 yrs, (restuarant management both dh and me), and lost mine upon the way. A month ago, I was at my sister's house and went to do the dishes, and wouldn't you know it, she STILL had her lemon candle in her kitchen window! I did say something to her about how have you keep it this long?" She just said that she loves it and it is so nice. I thought that was so awesome. As much as I hate that mine was lost in so many moves, it was so cool seeing hers. It is weird how one candle candle can remind you of a specfiec point in time. I think my sis thought I was crazy for even remembering it, but she did and we laughed about how mom always buys us stuff that others think is just silly...notice what is kept and remembered. Just thought I share and smile.

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