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Select Shades Help!!


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Will someone please tell me if, with Select Shades, they will be an entirely different color after it gels??

I have a 4 pound batch of Clean Cotton in the oven right now...and it is the prettiest shades of two-tone brown you have ever seen! Unfortunately, the color is *supposed* to be Deep Ocean!! GRRRRR. 1 part Purple Violet, 1/2 part Aquamarine and 1 part Marmalade. Now....can anyone tell me why it's brown and not blue and if it will change? Otherwise I'm gonna call it Clean Flannel! (I had a sleeping bag once with plaid flannel brown lining!) I SO wanted blue!!!



(Excuse my dark ugly oven!)


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Sure you got equal parts of those colors going?

Course I went with a true blue (the second shade) and got a mint green from it instead of light blue, but at the right angle it might look a little blue.

Purples always go a dingy brown or gray on me, but usually come back around.

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