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thermometer question

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Hi all~I'm new here, been reading for a few days now~what a great board!!! Very helpful!!! I have a question about my thermometer. It looks to me like there is a bubble in the mercury (if this is what candy thermometers use) and I'm wondering if it is supposed to be there? If it is, what line do I use to get the correct temp? Its close to the top of the mercury but its a very even opening, I hope I'm making sense. Any thoughts? Thanx!!! Jen

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Is the liquid in the thermometer red? Cuz if so it's not mercury -- I don't even know if mercury thermometers are even sold anymore.

Are you positive you have a bubble or maybe just some reflection off the glass so it looks like a gap in the fluid? Sounds crazy, but I've glanced at a thermometer wrong before and thought there was a bubble

If/when you have the time or money -- consider investing in a digital thermometer -- much more accurate (and precise) readings.

Hope that helps!

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