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More oils that smell the same...


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I found one this week that smells the same, it was:

BCN Country Berry Hotcakes

Snowtop Berry Creme Brulee

I know the suppliers use the same fragrance houses and who knows what they all rename them to, but it also sucks to order a scent thinking it's something you've never smelled before to have it smell EXACTLY the same as one you already have .

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I'm looking for a replacement for BCN's CB Hotcakes but I don't think Snowtops has a Berry Creme Brulee? (smoking that stuff again Trish? lol :wink2: )

ROFLMAO! Doh!! It was Millcreek, I'm sorry! I got samples in this week from both places.

JS's Grammie's Berry Griddlecakes smells just like BCN's too (IMO)

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