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Real Red (BRIGHT RED) Powdered Dye

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Ok. I never thought I'd say this, but the powdered dye I've been working with from Pourette in the red color is crap.

And I mean crap.

Add too much and you get a brown instead of a burgundy -- add less and cut with black and you get a color I call crap.

Add too little and you get a nasty pink that isn't close to bright red. Add the right amount and you get a funky sort of brownish/red.

In the end... crap.

Soooooooooooooooo... what I'm asking is:

Where can I find some really good true (primary color) red powdered dye?



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I think EVO's are the only thing you are going to have good luck with. try www.Barnloftcandles.com/ I have the same problem with the liquids, the blocks are too orange and the chips are definately to light. If powder doesn't cut it which the large company's use. Check it out I have seen people say good things about their reds.

Barnloft makes pillars... I don't get the purpose of that link?

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The way I get my best red is with the blocks. I accidentally discoverd it by mistake. I used the dark pink blocks.....double the amount recommeded at least....and it came out the blue red that I like. Regular red is too orange for me. If I could find it in a powder or liquid I would be thrilled. Donita Louise

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We bought some powder dye from them back in the 70's and it looks like they are still in business. I remember they had tons of colors to pick from while pourette only had a dozen or so. They were cheap and by the pound too if I remember right. Looks like you have to contact them to get price info, I didnt check out all the links there but it looks more like an info site rather than an ordering site. If you want red.. I bet they have a dozen kinds of red. Its hard to get a "christmas" bright red in dye, I know that for sure.


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