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What I am doing Wrong?

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We use C-3 and have good scent throw almost from day one, with the exception of a FEW fragrances which need time to cure. If it doesn't have good throw at the end of 5-7 days, I don't use that fragrance from the same supplier again.

Try sampling from several suppliers and I think you will find an improvement. :D

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With soy I have always added while it's at a higher temp, then pour once it cools down some. I dont use C3, but have tried a few other soys and I've always done it that way. Sometimes though, even at higher temps, some FOs just dont do well, hence the testing phase. You'll find through trial and error what works best for you :D

Oh and hello fellow Kansan :)

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I've tried several soys (including C3) & agree w/ everyone else -- add those fo's at a higher temp, especially some of the tricky ones likes vanillas. Also, I find a lot of people don't stir long enough. I always stir about 3 mins w/ a metal skewer when I 1st add the fo & will add a few more stirs as I check on the temp dropping -- for sure always give it a good stir before I pour.


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