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New salt bars


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I am totally addicting to making these salt bars!! I've been soaping like a mad woman this last week or so - this is the only pic I have done so far.

It's frankincense, myhrr & vanilla. The swirls (ok, my version of swirls :o ) is the traced soap before adding the salt or fragrance. A very adult, regal scent - and boy - did the scent hold! I have one bar in the bathroom and you can smell it as you walk past the room & I have all the windows opened in the house! The color is off a bit, the bar is tan with white.


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:o nopers.... Not exactly a 'spring-type' scent. Though the scent in my bars for the swap did fade quite a bit :angry2:

It is an interesting combo, but if you have the scents on hand I'd highly recommend blending a few drops of the 1st 2, and how ever many of the 1st one's double the vanilla and give it a whiff. Very nice. It's a big hit with the guys too.

So far I've been lucky with my version of swirls in the salt bars, unless I'm making a very large batch I don't have to rush through it.

Those look great. Interesting scent too. I hope it is for the swap!:D
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