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soy dye chips

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I have. They are nice - but, you only can get them in the primary colors. Since they are soy-based they aren't hard like the stearic-based ones (I believe the regular chips are made with stearic). They do give really nice colors, but the dye itself is not soy - just the carrier is.

I usually use the regular chips myself since I have so many (since they come in so many colors). As long as you heat the wax up to a good 170 or 180 you should be fine with them. I've even heated up the pour pot over a flame (holding it above the flame THE WHOLE TIME never put it on the flame and walk away) just to heat up the chip itself and and melt it - then I pour in the soy wax. I've had no problems this way - YMMV. (Naturally don't heat your wax up this way, never leave it alone, etc - the usual precautions!)

Some of the chips do seem to have more settiment than others - for instance the reds.


EDIT: Oh - I've never had them increase frost (any dye chip) unless you use a TON of them - then its just going to show anyway since you aren't going to get away from frost with dark colors in soy. I have had issues with the soy not setting up properly with using a lot of liquid dye but I've not had this issue with the chips --- the frost, thats the same though if trying to get dark colors. You can minimize this with tempering the wax though.

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I tried liquid dyes but didn't get along very well with them lol

I have used color blocks by shaving off little pieces trying to get my colors right and could never be consistent.

I now use color crystals from make scents and having great results, it only takes from a couple crystals to a few for a nice colored candle that doesn't bog a wick down and I can be more consistent with my colors.

Just another suggestion to try :D


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I do have the color blocks that give off nice color but I don't have a micro scale to measure it out. I saw the crystals at Candle Cacoon too and thought about those. The liquid dyes are great if I want to swirl the colors but other than that the 415 frost's up on browns and anything with a blue base to it. I notice it changes the texture of the wax slightly when pouring and setting.

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