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Lavender Lullabye


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Wouldn't you know it...I had a sample of lavender lullabye that I used to make aroma bead air fresheners...about 2 yrs. ago and my sister brought me an order from one of her coworkers who requested candles in this fragrance. I don't mind ordering it to make them, but I also need htp wicks and of course CC doesn't have the wicks. Anyway, my point being to save on shipping, I don't want to order just 1 little fragrance. Any suggestions for spring/summer that do well in 100% soy. (I use bluegrass soy). Actually, I was going to stay away from spring/summer fragrance and just concentrate on getting ready for fall, but I'm getting requests soooooo, I guess I'd like suggestions for good year round fragrances.

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