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Nature Wax

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I'm thinking of switching to nature wax since I can avoid the shipping and go to lonestar or taylored concepts to pick it up. Has anyone compared it with ezsoy, because that's what I currently use now. Cargill told me I can use the C3 in cosmetics too and that's what I'm looking for. Also can you use the C3 in tarts or should I try the pillar blend? I use ezsoy right now with my tarts without a problem.

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I used to use C3 and switched to GB415 (same as ezsoy if I remember correctly) for the same reason you're switching -- I can get the 415 from Peak's and not pay for shipping :wink2: I don't think you'll notice much of a difference between the two... in my experience they have acted very similarly. I'm getting better throw with the 415 but I think that's just because my technique has gotten better.

Just my :2cents:

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Hi there,

I have used c-3 for tarts when I have extra wax, but learned the hard way to spray the molds with mold-release first (use plenty of it, too). Also, with certain colors and molds, it won't always come out okay and/or it'll be sticky and cracked.

I really love V-1 for tarts/votives. Much easier to get them out of molds and they look better.

White tarts seem to turn out fine with C-3, though.

Good luck!

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