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Soapers Workshop Lip Balm Base question


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I ordered some lotion samples and she sent me one of the lip balms. It is the hemp/jojoba and flavored Pomegranate. I normally use a product called Lip Medex (similar to Carmex). I have to say that after using the sample lip balm, my lips feel fabulous all day. I don't even need to keep reapplying! :yay:

I am planning to order some of this particular lip balm base...as soon as I can decide which lotion base I want to use. Decisions! Decisions!! :undecided

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I have the macadamia/jojoba and the shea/jojoba. I haven't tried them yet though. On the surface, they appear to be to die for. I've been waiting on the flavor oils and the lipbalm tubes from the pre-buy. When those come in, I'm going to be a lipbalm making fool! :D


I received my tubes and flavors this morning:yay: . Lindsay included the Macadamia/Jojoba flavored with Creme Brulee.....OMG...I just want to eat it! Her lipbalm is very silky. Wonderful

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