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Crackle pillars...

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Do a search for crackles, crackled it should pull up some threads.

You prepare an ice bath with ice cubes. Bring a pan of boiling water to a boil dip your candle in it a few times then plunge it in the ice water bath with something to weight it down and let set for about 5 minutes in the water bath.

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aah thanks.

I did a search before I posted and whilst there were plenty of piccies of crackles and lots of people asking how they had done that, no one seemed to have answered :D

mmmm I haven't even got an ice cube tray lol.

Mind you I now have a bath thingy. My dad brought round today, a massive urn of types with handle, made by tala. Think it may have been some kind of massive cooking or jam pot :)

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