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Wow, what a difference a day can make! New soap. :)


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Here's a recent batch of OM Strawberry Musk. YUM this smells good. Even people who don't like musk like this one. It's sort of a sophisticated, "grown up" strawberry. No kiddy candy notes here. :) Anyway, here's the swirl shortly after I poured it. I used BB burgundy oxide.


Next morning when I uncovered, unmolded & cut, I found the swirl had changed to this color. I think I actually like it just as well. Not as dramatic a contrast, but interesting patterns of color, IMO. Some bars were whacked into smaller sample bricks for a sample OM swap, but I kept a few whole bars to sell, too. :)


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WOW!! Awesome swirls! That soap looks wonderful!! I do like musk scents, ones that dont make my nose tickle that is!!

I am going to have to get me a mold that isnt a log mold so I can make swirls like that one of these days!! Just beautiful!!!

Great Job!!


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