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A few ICS's FO's ..My REVIEW!!!


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I just made up some candles, and although I havent been able to burn them yet, the cold throws are awesome.

Pink Sugar: everyone knows this one is awesome.

Cukes & Melons: I smell all Melon in this...but suggest,.. its just as good as Snowtops ....Melon Mist.

Brown Sugar Nutmeg...I can smell the brown sugar in this, but more so the nutmeg. COLD THROW IS AWESOME. BIG BAKERY FRAGRANCE HERE!!!

Cantaloupe & Lily....Exactly as it says I can smell both in this. Awesome cold throw.

Apple Brown Betty: Smells even better then Hot Apple Pie...This is my new favorite Apple fragrance now!!!

Buttery Vanilla...I have already tried this one, and the hot and cold throw is AWESOME!!! I like it better then ...Vanilla Bliss.

If any of you are thinking of ordering any of these, is all I can

say is....GO FOR IT!!! You will be glad you did!!!:D

Just wanted to share with ya'll.

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I have the following ICS and have tested them in my KY 125 as well as KY 100% soy using 1.5 oz per pound.

Carmelized Pralines - Very strong in soy, can even cut back to 1 oz and get a great throw. Can be burned after 3 days cure time for a nice throw or after a week, the scent filled the whole house. I made another one with this and a little cinnamon. Smelled just like the candied nuts I used to get at flea markets. I also mixed 1/4 of this with 3/4 creme brulee and everyone said it has a "butter pecan" smell to them. This is one you just can't mess up lol

Strawberry Preserves - Smells absolutely yummy in the bottle but I get a light throw in soy using 1 1/2 oz per lb after a week. I have one that I am letting cure 2 weeks to see if it will be better. Interestingly enough, it was good in the tarts though.

Creme Brulee - Strong in soy after 4 days cure time. Can't go wrong with this one

Honeydew Melon - Took a little longer to cure (about 10 days) but an AWESOME throw after that. My testers said this is a MUST have.

Cinnamon Bun (old formula) - Burned one after 5 days and just an average throw. After 2 weeks cure time, a much better throw but not a strong as I would like. The new formula is GREAT.

Cheesecake - Soft scent. Mixed with Strawberry for strawberry cheesecake and another with pumpkin for a pumpkin cheesecake. Its a nice mixer fragrance.

Candy Cane - Not sure why I ordered this one lol Its very strong OOB but an "odd" blend with the mint scent to me. I might try mixing it with some chocolate for a peppermint patty to see how that does.

Gingerbread - I haven't tested this yet but it smells nice OOB seems a little heavy on the spice

Lemon Meringue - STRONG. use 1 oz to avoid fuel smell. I also mixed 1/4 lemon meringue with 3/4 sugar cookie for a lemon drop cookie. I can't keep these made fast enough. It's a hands down favorite with my testers and family.

Pink Sugar - I had never smelled this before. I LOVE it. After 10 days cure time, its not a strong fill up the house throw but a nice soft (not weak) throw in my bedroom.

Banana Nut Bread - OMG I LOVE this one. I :drool: every time I smell it and so does my family. It will fill up a room whether the candle is lit or not. This is a MUST. I have already gone through a pound of this oil and had to have more.

Vanilla Bliss (snow top) - weak in the bottle and out of the bottle to me.

I have ordered the following and should have by the end of the week to test: Wild Watermelon, Raspberry Rainbow, Fresh Squeezed Oranges, Berry Fulfilling, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Black & Blue, Kudzu, Caramel Nut Cluster (snowtop, Green Apple (snowtop), Cranberry Orange Spice (snowtop).

I will let you know how these new ones do for me.

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Jami - thank for reviews. I need to try their banana bread now.

Next time you order, try the newer version cinnamon buns. This one's my all time favorite in soy. Simply outstanding, I love the sweet and buttery notes.

On the Pineapple Upside Down Cake - this smelt so incredibly realistic when I mixed it with my hot soy wax, I thought finally, this is the one. Unfortunately, it had next to no throw for me, even after a serious cure. Maybe you'll have better luck.

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