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Cost Per Item Calculator


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Hi all!

I've gotten so many helpful spreadsheets and tips from all of you, that I thought I would share one that's been helpful to me. I hated ordering large amounts of different priced items and trying to figure out what the final price per item is (with shipping included...because a $15.95 16 oz bottle should cost more shipping wise than a 1 oz $2.50 bottle). This nifty little calculator lets you enter all your info and then allocates the shipping/tax/etc. costs to each item appropriately. It's very helpful in figuring out the exact cost of each item purchased. Anywho...here's the link :) There's also a soap block cutting calculator (but I don't soap, so I can't offer any comments on it :)


Hope it helps someone!


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Steph, it says you can open them with Quattro Pro or Open Office? Not sure if you've got either of those.

As far as size goes, if you're ordering fragrance oils, I'd say 16 (as in 16 oz). For candle plates, you might have to actually weigh it (there's only weights to describe size..oz,lb,grams, etc.). I'm not sure how that would work, you could play around with it and see how it does :) I've only used it for wax and oils and such so far.

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