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Question about water baths


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I have only used water baths for my hurricanes until now. With the hurricanes you have to remove and pour out the center. My question is how long do you let a non-hurricane type candle stay in the water bath? I just assumed you would leave it there until completely cooled. I did this and the candle pulled severly away from sides. I poked relief holes but this did not seem to help. This makes it extremely hard to do the repour without ruining the streaking affect that I was going for not to mention it is funny shaped. I guess I will have to see what it looks like when I take it out of the mold. But there must be some type of time limit for water baths?


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There's no time limit, but you can set a time limit as well as adjust your technique according to how your candle is coming out. Different wax and additives are going to behave in different ways, just as with slow cooling but maybe more dramatically.

With the rapid cooling, the candle is gonna want to have much more of a sinkhole, so if you leave the candle in the bath you have to be pretty serious about the stress relief holes to prevent the sides from pulling away too soon. Make 3 or 4 good sized ones and be prepared to widen as well as deepen them.

If you find it's better, you can always use the water bath partway and slow cool the rest of the way. There's no rule to the timing except what works for you. You can also use warmer water to slow down the cooling.

Before putting the candles in the bath, be sure to allow enough time for any wax that's congealed against the side of the mold to melt, and any air bubbles to release.

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