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I even got CP Soap after the Mishap!


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Well, here it is, my 1st pic CP Soap

And boy, did this one do a number on me

Don't know why but will have to try again

the batch thickened so fast I tried to swirl and

Well, let's just say I scooped that badboy into the mold

But, have CP Soap am happy

I'll work up to a better batch..one day or another!




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Great job!! Yeah, swirls on the first batch just never seem to go right! LOL Hey, at least you got around the same color that you wanted!!! LOL My first batch I wanted blue and got green!!! :tongue2: My first batch was Castile too. Once I felt that slimey lather, right into the trash can it went! I needs me some bubbles!! :D More tomorrow? Oh yeah, you've been bitten by the bug!! heehee :wink2:

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