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Two Often Requested...


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...soaps I make came out of the soap pot yesterday. Colored with earthtones is Charisma (scented with SW Arcadian Homecoming) and pink, lavender, and black Patchouli Haze (a shea heavy bar scented with Patchouli and Lavender EOs (50/50). In the pot swirls with oxide colors.


Picture was taken in sunlight streaming through my kitchen window. I'm so happy it's spring at last. Gotta go make more soap now!

Thanks for looking! :)

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They look wonderful. Great FO choices.

Question: How do you always get such straight line cuts on your soap?

It's simple! :wink2: All anyone needs is the Misty Creek mold, cutter bar, and my husband! I can't get those cuts vertical to save my life, but he always does a fine job.

Thanks for your kind remarks ladies. :)

Here's what's sitting in the molds after my soaping today:

Lemongrass - a very boring picture, I know. :o Only color from the EO and a little silver mica & neon mica combo swirl and poor lighting.


Next is Mystic Amber with a reverse swirl of unscented 24 Karat gold mica and lavender fields ultramarine:


Next to it in the other half of the mold is Gingered Orange that got lumpy on me as I fussed with the stick blender a little too long. Live and learn.


I'm all done now. Thanks for looking! :)

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