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Anyone heard of Atlanta Fragrance, Inc.


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I got a sample of this and the gal was going to check to see if she could find any contact info.

well, i made the mistake of deleting all my mail and now i can't remember what her screen name was... i haven't heard back from her and i can't pm her either...

Here's what i do know: The company is called Atlanta Fragrance, Inc. 1640 Cobb International Blvd out of Kennesaw GA. I tried looking on the internet and i only come up with their financial info, no website for them.

I do have a phone #, but i was just wondering if anyone has purchased from them or knows how to order from them or if this was from another supplier that purchased fragrances from them...

The sample i got was called Tropical Getaway. I don't know what exactly it is supposed to smell like, but it is awesome... i get a flowery hawaiin type smell, not too floral, not too fruity... I had someone over to my house and they just fell in love with it.

The problem is i would like more, but don't know where to start. If nothing else I guess i'll have to try the phone # and see where that gets me. But, since they are closed over the weekend, i thought i'd ask here.

If anyone has ever heard of this company please let me know.



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