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They're stuck fast :(

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I've made two pyramid pillars today and they just won't come out of the moulds. Tried, fridge, freezer (for 40mins) and they won't budge.

As I was finishing them, the kids distracted me and I cut the wick from the bottom, then realised after I needed that to tug the candle out of the mould.

They are plastic (polycarbonate?) ones I got today, no mould release (as I haven't got any)

Are they doomed? can I get them out at all. btw, I don't have a heat gun

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hmmm... that's not good. I don't know anything about those molds, i've only used metal. But you mentioned you don't have a heat gun, maybe you could put them in the oven on the lowest setting for a few minutes and they might slide out?? i'm not really sure, it might ruin your candles but atleast you could get them out and remelt. and like i said, i don't know about those molds but maybe you could use a little cooking spray on the insides instead of mold release. hope this helps :)

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Plastic moulds are a pain in the butt LOL. I have a few I bought from Holland, and they are fab, but the clear plastic ones you get in craft shops grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Have you tried gently pushing the insides of the mould away from the wax? I had to do that with my plastic star mould, it came out eventually - but I had a wick to pull on.

Also, be very careful with these in the oven, if they aren't polycarbonate they melt - i found out the hard way *rofl* I no longer have a star mould :o


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We are all waiting lolol... I have also had quite the conversation with a mold or two of mine. What I learned the hard way? Don't get too smart and etch the inside of a pillar mold for different heights... you will buff every candle for the rest of the life's mold!

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oops, sorry for to update you.

Well left them in the fridge all night, and nothing. So....... I got nasty with the hairdryer :tongue2: that scared 'em!

They eventually came out but the 2 layers were seperated. I did a chunk pillar in the round plastic today and that took a lot of persuasion too.

Think I must sort out some cooking oil spray tomorrow, is any ok?

You know, the best 2 I have were the ones Nattycat sent me. Thanks nattycat xx

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