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Dark spots on sides of candles

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I poured a batch of candles yesterday, today I see dark spots on the sides of the jars, looks like shadows. It dosen't look like the wax pulled away from the jar. I am using the same wax as always, and not a new fragrance. I used all the same temperatures I always do. I have never noticed this before. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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Is it wet spots? If so, did you have your jars sitting close together after you poured them? I had this happen not long ago.

I made my candles the same way but since I made several candles, I set them together on a cookie sheet on my dining room table. Someone told me that if you set soy candles too close together as they are setting up, you will get wet spots on the side where the candles were close to each other.

Just a thought.

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The best I understand it, wet spots are basically air pockets between the wax and glass. It doesn't affect how the candle burns at all.

You can warm the jars a little before you pour, tap the jars after you pour to tap out air pockets, and make sure your jars are more than 6 inches apart while cooling. Sometimes they show up no matter what you do lol. You can take a blow dryer or heat gun up the side of the jar where the wet spots are to try and fix it.

I just got some a couple days ago because I actually had my air conditioning going and the jars were a little cooler so the candles set up before I realized there was a draft by the jars. It wasn't a biggie, just doesn't look as good as a candle that is smooth all the way around the jar.

I am fairly new to this too, only been at it for about 6 months. Everything that can go wrong I think has gone wrong so far but I am learning as I go lol.

Hang in there, it DOES get better :D


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