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Smooth, Solid Tarts with 415??

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Once upon a time, I ordered EcosoyaVB in error and while this is a horrible wax for any purpose, I managed to work with it (blending with EZsoy, adjusting heating pouring temps...) and used it strictly for making tarts/melts. My tarts/melts were solid, creamy, shiny and smooth. I loved them! Now, I'm running low and finding that this wax apparently doesn't exist anymore. (Truly, it's no wonder as it makes horrid votives!). SO....I now need a new kind of wax!!!


I'm eyeballing the GB 415 for tarts. For those who use this wax, do your tarts/melts come out nice and hard with a smooth finish? I don't want any frosting...none...zip..nada!

Would using a PB blended with a wee bit of EZsoy work better than 415? If so, any recommendations?

Any input is appreciated!



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