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favorite soy FO company

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What company do you buy the most of your FO's for soy from. I've ordered from AH, BCN, Candle Science, JBN, Pourette, ST and the Candle Source. After invatory, I noticed that AH and BCN are my top 2 companies. Just curious about what everyone else likes:smiley2: .


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millcreek-great oils i've only found 1 that doesn't throw very good

ics-great oils there are some that need to cure 2 wks

ng-great oils haven't had a problem with any that i've tried

ah-oils that i have tried have been great.

the candle source-great oils & inexpensive so far i have only had 1 that didn't throw very good.

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Millcreek for me too.

Next would be Heartfelt and Snowtop (now at ICS), Candle Source and Candle Science.

I have a boat load to test from Flickers and if they are any way near as good as her Olive Blossom(love, love, love this scent), I'll be adding her to my list of top suppliers.

BTW..I use pure soy.


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