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Newbie just checking in...

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I have been making CP soap and other bath products for almost 2 years now, so I decided to jump in and learn to make nice candles.

The only candles I have made are the "Sand Candles" I made as a kid with my family out on the beach. We would melt the wax on our Coleman camp stove in a coffee pot, dig a "mold" out of the sand and pour our crayon colored wax! They were pretty cool candles....at least they were to a 9 year old girl!! :yes:

Anyhoo...I am interested in making soy candles and I would appreciate any advice you would care to share, or if you have some threads you can suggest that I read through. I do have one really specific question: I have purchased some handmade candles online from various crafters and I noticed that some of the wicks kinda get a mushroom head on them after they get burned....what causes this? Is it a specific kind of wick that does this? Any tried and true wicks that you can recommend???

Thanks everyone....I am anxious to get going on this!



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Welcome Honeyb. My advice to you is to read as much as you can, locate a supplier nearest you, buy a starter kit and dive right in. Once you get started you will have more questions and can ask as you go along. We are here to help. Often times though, you won't need to ask if you read since many of the questions you will have will more than likely have already been asked and answered.

Also, remember what works for one person might not work for you or the next. What one person likes, you might not like. So you will need to just buy some supplies and start to figure out what you like.

Off subject. What part of Northern Cali are you from? I'm from the Sacto. area.

Good luck and again Welcome. No have fun!!

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Thanks for the welcome!

I think my eyes are going buggy reading through the posts!!

Meridith, I live in Stockton...waaayyyy south Stockton....more like north Lathrop!! My hubby and I are really working on moving up to Oregon. He currently drives to Pleasanton every day :( , so we want to move somewhere that he can get a good job and we can get some land. We are thinking around Eugene or Springfield.....

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