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Plastic embed molds


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I have looked on the website of the place I bought some of these molds at but it doesn't say how to get the embeds out of the mold once they are ready. Do I grease the plastic molds before I pour my wax? or not??? I haven't found any instructions to make the embeds at all. HELPPPP!!!

Thanks so much,


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I'm not sure i use the same kind of plastic as you (mine are actually candy and choc molds) But usually if you turn them upside down onto a flat clean surface, then slowly put a bit of pressure in the center of each cavity, they will usually slip out. But only if they are properly set up.

If that doesn't work you can pop them in the fridge or the freezer, it's either because they shrink a bit and or because a layer of condensation forms between the mold and the embed. This isn't the BEST idea though,(because you can add moisture to the surface and they will need to be dried out before using) but it almost always works. Five to ten minutes for embeds should be max.

And if THAT doesn't work, lol.... you can spray the molds with a Pam type cooking spray. And there are sprays made specifically for wax releasing.

HTH. :smiley2:

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