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Castile Soap


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Well after last nights disaster I think I screwed up again. I just rubbed the top of this and stuck it to my tongue and there was zap. OMG I'm so aggrevated. What did I do wrong this time? I did what E said on the lye at 32% I think. This is what it gave me Water 13.06 ounces and lye 6.15 ounces.

Do ya just have those DAMN days???????? :cry2:

Maybe I need to do candles for a while. Just seems everything here lately I touch turns to doggie pooh :laugh2:

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Thanks Carrie again for coming to my rescue. :yay: I'm gonna have to send you something :cheesy2: Okay I used 90% olive 10% castor.

Here are the amounts.

Castor 4.8 ounces

OO 43.2

Water 13.06

Lye 6.15

But as stated in the other post I've never tested zap in just a few hours of making soap I always waited until the next day so I'm hoping it just needs to sit for a while.

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Your numbers are just fine. I've never tasted a soap within 24 hours, I usually wait at least 3 days. Wait 3 days then just touch the soap with your tongue and see if there's a zap. Sometimes the yucky taste will fool you (me) into thinking it's zap. I always do it twice to make sure. LOL

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