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I'm Losing It

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My candles have been looking like crap lately and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The votive tops look like crap and I getting tiny air bubbles on both votives and containers. I use astorlite v and j223. I usually pour around 150-155. I just started a new box of v but was having problems before. This is embarrassing not to mention stressful since I have no idea what the problem is. Husband sells sell all this crap and get out. Any advice/suggestions. Ginger

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We had a problem with our votives getting little bubbles on them....I know how frustrating it is! We use 4794.

We were trying to figure out if it was the weather (seems to have started happening when the weather turned cold, so the basement was cooler than usual), maybe we weren't pouring hot enough, cool enough...tried everything.......then it just stopped and they have been turning out beautifully! Hang in there....

Now our jars...that is a different story. We use 4630 and had FINALLY gotten the formula down.......wicks, wax and FO were behaving beautifully together......until just recently. Now every tester we do ends up sooting up the jar - TOTAL FRUSTRATION. Now we are thinking - is it the new batch of wax, or the new batch of wicks - both that we started using together around the same time - AGGGGRRRRHHHHHHH - I just want to throw in the towel!!!

So, I feel your pain. It is very frustrating. I so wish I could help you out, but I have no answers.

Good luck....

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I know how you feel!:sad2: I am just getting back into it from taking a 3 year break! I almost sold my business...but when it came right down to someone wanting to buy it I backed out 'cause I knew that I would regret it. So, needless to say, I am glad I kept it and here I am trying it one more time!

I hope you figure out what to do!:) Kimmeroo

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