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Late Night Soaping


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OK...so maybe I wont ever go back to work...lol I am soooooooo enjoying the time off.

First... Relaxing from IFT. I just cannot get the whole pouring side by side thing. What is the trick? Didnt turn out bad...just not what I wanted.

Second....Blackberry Musk by BnL...mmmmmmmm luv this scent! Soaped beautifully. ITP swirl sucks big time on this one.

I used my new Peacock Colors on these two soaps....jury is still out on whether I like them or not.



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Your side-by-side is really quite good 0- it's a matter of practice and having the right thickness.

When I do side by side, I pour at med-heavy trace (NOT too heavy though). I stand with the log straight out in front of me with the two colored portions in containers I can comfortably handle (I put mine in plastic bowls I have with spouts and actually slip my hands into the handles so my palm is against the bowl and the handle is against the back of my hands, which I find gives me good control with no fear of dropping the bowl). I actually start in the front and just pour each on its own side simultaneously going straight back and then coming back toward the front. You may not make it all the way back to the front but it doesn't matter. Then just bang your mold once or twice to make sure the bubbles are out and do any swirling (side to side) that you wish.

Once you get it you'll have it - KWIM?

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