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looking for a candlestick mold w/1" diameter and round

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Candle molds are made to have a slight taper so you can get them out of the mold......however.....if you have to have one that is perfectly round then I suggest calling Pourette and ask them about it. They charge you a one time set up fee for making a new pattern....but then future molds are just regular price......and if you ask the right person....there might already be a pattern in their files like the one you want. If it is something special that a customer orders...(like many that I had made)....they sometimes won't let others use it for a certain period of time....but for a plain round one....you might just find that they have it......or call Don at North Valley Molds and see if he can help. Donita Louise

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Well if ya find one, let me know would ya???

Friend of mine has some adorable snowman candlestick holders she got from Party**te and wanted to know if I could make her tapers to fit them, as she can't find any (no, not even from PL, go figure).

I searched around and all are 7/8" or smaller. Stores stock 7/8" or smaller tapers. Had zero luck finding a mold with a base that large :mad:

ETA: Meant I was looking for a taper with a 1" base dia.

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