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** What's in your pot this week/end? **

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I've *finally* gotten my laptop back, I'm *so* relieved :) Hard drive failed, but didn't lose any data.

So, I'll be working on some orders, I've been a little slower than normal. Not sure what else I'll be working on - maybe a lavender weekend again to get ahead. Though I've got the urge to do some new scent blends.

What's testing in your house this weekend?

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Hi Robin

I'm just in the middle of making a layered rustic, in strawberry/chocolate/cupcake and some choc and strawberry melts.

Probably lots of melts this weekend, but thats only if my ordered turns up, due to be here today, but not looking good. Got absolutely no wax left now.

Wheres that postie!

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Restocking my shelves since business has been so slow. Serveral shows were cancelled so I haven't made candles in over two months.:shocked2:


Cinnamon Caramel Cappuccion

Montego Bay

White Tea & Ginger



I will be reordering some scents early next month.

But I have no shows until July:sad2:


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Making my first castile soap again after the first disaster last night lol

Got some new little candle molds going to pour and test those.

Hopefully some Strawberry shampoo bars.

Mostly soapin and candling

Congrats Wicks glad you got your supplies and yep I'll probably be gone by Mon. lol so get your order placed again.

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Let's see...Yesterday I received 25 new sample fragrances and a half hour ago a 50# bag of wax just happened to show up on at my door.:bliss:

Gee I wonder what I'll be doing all weekend? Now just have to figure out which yummy scent to start with (don't you hate these hard decisions). Hope you all have a fun weekend!


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had some new moulds come today, small straight pillar, 2 cones and a star one (unfortunately thats cracked :( ) got the wax, but haven't got much left in the way of FO's :(

I need to figure out what I can make from gingerbread, frosted cupcake, chocolate chip, (hubby won't let me use the milk choc again, far too strong and stank the house out)

got a bit of lemon meringue, tiny bit of mango, bit of butterscotch vanilla.

anyone any inspiration?

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Wick, Gingerbread, butterscotch vanilla and choccy chip cookies yum. :drool:

My hubby's taken the boys out to race the rc car, Taz is stuck infront of the tv and baby is asleep :yay: i feel a coffee hazelnut creme pillar coming on hehe. I really need to get another metal pour/melting pot!!


p.s. If the moulds you got are the plastic ones on the coloured square bases - be careful of using strong colour and fo's in them!! They stain like its no ones business and you just can't get it off! Some fo's leave the inside of the mould feeling rough too.

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More testing, on my last leg of 40 FO's. Still testing pillar combos with wicks. Gonna make that darn 5" fluted with no color or FO and see if it's just too big for the single wick it recommends. Doing mostly tins right now, since it's been a breeze for testing and getting it right.

ETA: I did go to Dollar Tree and got some glass stuff there to play around with too!

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Oh wow! How do you make incense sticks exactly??


hey anjie-

i buy the punk sticks ( already made) ,incense bags, and dpg here..http://www.madinaonline.com/

they're like $18 for a box of 10,000 they come in bundles of 100 or 500, i get the 500 ( the cheapest i've found so far, but their oils suck!) and then you mix 1 part incence oil ( i use a 16oz bottle) to 2 or 3 parts dpg -this mixture will make about 1500 sticks ( i put 10 sticks in a bag and sell them for a buck) then i pour it over the sticks, make sure they are saturated ( i do this in a big 'ole turkey roaster pan and i cut the red string off the sticks before i put the mixture on--it makes it easier) put them in big coffee tins stick side up to drain a little (long enough for me to sit down to bag them..lol) then put them in bags and label them..i've read on here that people let them dry for 24 hours, but in all the years i've dipped them i've never done that (and never had any complaints either). i always bag them up immediately after dipping. they will burn wet (and they stay that way for only a day anyway) and they seem to stay fresher longer when you bag them right away--if you want to take it a step further, and you don't want them to dry out you can keep them in the freezer or in a cool place. make sure u save any oil/dpg mix that drains off your incense-it can be used again. hth

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