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Who has a super strong pure cinnamon oil?

karen lynn

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I am wanting to add a true spicy cinnamon scent to my line,but haven't had too much luck trying to find one that has a great throw in pure soy..Does anyone have any recommendations?Lots of the samples I have tried just don't smell like true cinnamon to me...I know I asked this before but just wanting to see some new recommendations,maybe there is a knock your socks off true strong spicy cinnamon SOMEWHERE??? TIA I don't want one mixed with other scents just straight cinnamon...I have even tried essential oil but it didn't throw too good in soy for me...

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I too am in search of a great straight cinnamon scent. I am very picky because my nose detects a fake smell in most of the cinnamons I have burned. Here are the ones I have tried:

Candlescience~ Cinnamon Stick/RedHots..I like the Cinnamon stick OK (really good for mixing) but do not like the red hot. I have test burned both of these.

BCN~ I have testers poured of their Cinnamon stick and Red hot..have not burned yet.

MC Cinnamon Vanilla is really good. I just received a sample of their Cinnamon Stick. Pouring a tester tomorrow.

KY Cinna-Vanilla~ Weak in CB135 @ 7%

I will update once I test these.

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