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GB444 vs EcoSoya CB135

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Can anyone tell be if you have compared these 2 wax? Reading about them, they seem a lot all like? I only started testing soy and only tested CB 135. After curing a week I got some very results. Smooth top, no frosting good throw etc. But if I can get better with the GB444 I will test that one too. I am mainly looking for great scent throw hot/cold. I also like to pour hot. I have used pariffin for the past 7 yr and just now playing with soy. I don;t worry about looks too much, can care less about wet spots, frosting thing. I have learned over the years that people don't notice that stuff! I remember knocking myself out to get a mottled container candle and after i did and asked people about the look and change in my candle, they didn't have a clue what I was talking about until I showed them and even then they could care less.

I did test using LX and CD wicks. I always love the LX but with testing the soy I found them to drown out more often and not up hold too well. The CD's did better, but I get a lot of mushrooming with the CD's. When using a wide jar I always double wick, No matter what type wax, FO wick etc. I feel I get too much smoke with a large wick. I tested using one wick with a wide jar, tested with a HTP 1212 and too much smoking!

TIA for any and All Help :bow:



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