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wet spots in candles


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I'm surprised you haven't encountered wet spots before. I don't think anyone's been able to successfully get rid of them. This has been discussed many times, though. You could try a search on here for wet spots.

By the way, Welcome to CandleTech!

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Hi Wader!:)

I am new to this board....but I know exactly what you are talking about!!! I used to use 125 paraffin for mottled container candles...but decided to do something different and switched to J223 and oh my Gosh! The wet spots are huge and hidious! I used my noodle and got my heat gun out and heated around the glass and re-smoothed the top.

It seems that the "Wetspots" is air that is trapped between the wax and the jar! I only fixed one so far just to see if they would come back and so far so good. I am not fixing the rest until I get the orders and I'll fix them. HTH:cheesy2:

I do have a question for anyone though..... I use the melting pot jars from the jar store and I am having the darndst time wicking these.I use J223, dye chips,CD 18 wick....still no full melt pool after 3 hours of burning! So I move up to a CD20 and that is better.....should I double wick? What size do you recommend to start with?:confused: TIA

Sorry sooo looong!:shocked2: Kimmeroo

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