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Any Candlemakers Conventions this year?

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there's also the IGCA convention they hold every year. this year I believe it's in Iowa? Idaho? shoot, I forget, but here's the website...


you have to be a member also, but they send out a monthly newsletter with tons of good info in there. :)

ETA~ I just looked it up. It's in Boise, Idaho. :)

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The one in Ohio sounds to be the best for me, since I am in Northern MI. I looked at the site for last years, but I'd like to know about this years. But June 24th is a Sunday, aren't they usually on Friday Night through Sat. We want to take a trip to Ohio to go to Cedar Point and a zoo too, as well as Nature's Garden etc hehehe. So if there's one in Ohio this year, that will be the best for me.

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