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Tapered Pillar Candle Moulds

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Anyone make tapered pillar candles? I poured two candles today using my new tapered square mould and an oblique triangle mould. After about 45 mins cooling, I noticed that the sides of the candle were pulling away from the mould at the top. I quickly poked relief holes in the candle to let it "breathe", this did help, but the damage was done to the edges. :sad2: My question is : due to the shape of these moulds, do you have to be very vigilant about poking relief holes as soon as it begins to set up? I can usually wait between 2 - 3 hours with a 3" x 4.5" round mould, but guess this does not apply to the tapereds. Just wanted to see if anyone had any tips or suggestions about using this type of mould. Thanks

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